Sometimes, you just get really hungry; and others you see a two for one deal on sacks of potatoes in the Conad supermarket. What does one do with a surplus of potatoes? Make mashed potatoes of course! But we cant just be having plain old mashed potatoes in the Midnight Snack Beast kitchen now can we?

The idea here is pretty simple: Make beast-style mashed potatoes (loaded with a bunch of different things found in my fridge and spice cabinet, including an entire package of pancetta of course)

But that is just not enough, that’s just a pretty solid spread of extremely loaded mashed potatoes, we need something else of course. Oh, well lets just wrap it in steaks, after all, there’s nothing more down home than meat and potatoes.

But yes, we have a problem. All this meat. For sure someone is bound to suffer from the meat sweats (it’s real, trust me on this one). So, the idea here is to take your mind away from the idea of the meat, mind over matter, right?  The best way to take your mind away from thinking about being hot and sweating, is to put it in an igloo. Thus, the Midnight Snack Beast kitchen yielded a dish that is bound to take you from the depths of carnivore hell, to the icy heavens of an igloo. Enjoy.

Beast on, fellow snackers