Well, I gotta say, being back since my summer off has been great.

But the amount of beastly unhealthy food I’ve been taking in every week has not!

Not that I cant handle my greasy or heavy food, I just think it’s a wise decision for me not to eat 6 lb. meals every week. Being a professional basketball player is great, and I do exercise everyday, but there is no possible way that taking in number of calories that I take in for an MSB post can be beneficial to my health.  Another thing; I have done some thinking about is the fact that this is Midnight Snack Beast, not necessarily Meal Beast. With that in mind, I think I’m going to start leaning toward the snack side of MSB for a few weeks, after all, I want you guys to be able to create the things that I show you on this website. Not everything needs to be beast size, but at the same time I can put some sort of twist onto whatever I create each week.

That being said, after a bit of thinking for the first week of the actual “Snack Movement,” The Scotch Egg seemed fitting.

The Scotch Egg: a British picnic food staple, has been kicking around since the mid 1700’s.  The idea behind it is so simple that it makes me wonder why it isn’t more popular in the U.S. In essence, a Scotch Egg is a hard boiled egg covered in sausage meat, breadcrumbs and deep fried until crisp.  Why didn’t I think of this before? Why don’t more people eat this? Where can I get my hands on one?

I like it because for you folks back home, it does not require a lot of ingredients, so making it on your own would be very plausible.

the only thing was that I did not have breadcrumbs so I used flour instead.

I had a little trouble while they were cooking because the meat was shrinking in the oil, causing a “crack” to appear in the sausage, exposing the egg.  Next time I decide to make these, I will definitely go for bread crumbs, and season the meat more.

These taste really good when you dip them in ketchup or assorted sauces.

Until next Wednesday,

Beast on, Fellow Snackers!