Last week, my teammate, European hoops legend, and St. John’s alum Bootsy Thornton and I were conversing about his family and what they liked to eat. Ultimately pizza and tacos became the main focus. I figured, why not eat both? And so was born the PizzaTaco.

Quite simple here, just in beastly quantities really. Although I feel there is a bit of controversy surrounding this one, for the fact that I did not make my pizza, but I bought it from a local pizza place, I have two arguments for this: A: the pizza is an INGREDIENT in the PizzaTaco, therefore it is not necessary that all ingredients are created from scratch; and B. I own and I’ll do what I want, because I run this place and I’m the man up in this piece. In the future I will create my own pizza myself.

This thing weighed about 5-6 pounds and I could barely hold it up without it falling apart. The commonplace of the salsa and pizza really stepped up the flavor and got things kicking around. Honestly the thing that got me was the mass of this thing, just how heavy it was. It really did a number on me and my stomach is very dissatisfied with my decision to finish it right about now… which is why I’m at a bit of a loss for words at this point. I think I’ll go lay down and watch the movie Heavyweights, to bring back great childhood memories and make myself not feel so bad about myself.

Until next time kiddos!

Beast on, fellow snackers

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