midnight snack beast is back!!!

Hello kiddos!

Finally, after a long summer and a month in Italy so far, your favorite website is back. I got some new knives, new pans, and new plates. We have a different kitchen this year as the setting will be in beautiful Sardinia.

I’ve signed with Banco Di Sardinia Dinamo Sassari this year (Dinamo for short). I moved up to first division this year (mooooovin’ on up), so the competition and level of play will be higher… Kind of like this upcoming MSB season. Bigger appetites, higher level of snack or meal.

Expect some unusual cuisine, large portions, and ridiculous combinations, this year is going to be fun! So stay tuned on Wednesdays for updates!

I will start you guys off  with a little video I took at an Agritourismo where my team ate at after a trip we took. I, of course, snuck into the kitchen and hung out with all the chefs, and tried a little bit of who I refer to as Wilbur and Babe. Roasted for hours, basted to perfection, the meat was to die for and the skin was like crispy bacon. I will say no further.

Glad to be back, and boy am I hungry!

Beast on, fellow snackers.

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