My my my, it feels good to be back.

After a long summer of rest, leisure, recreation, training, traveling, and of course, eating, I’m back in the great land of Italy; but not exactly firm land this time. I now reside on the island of Sardinia, yes I signed a new contract and made the jump with the first division team Banco Di Sardegna Dinamo Sassari. Sassari is the second largest city on on Sardinia and is home to the only first division basketball team on the island. I must say, although I do not expect to play as many minutes as I did last year, I am extremely excited to be on this team.

The food here in Sardinia is unparalleled, extra-thick cuts of prosciutto, wild boar roasted over the spit, a nice suckling pig oven baked or lamb thrown into a delicious stew. The Sardi cuisine is rustic and organic, giving you a real “down home” feeling with every meal. Horse and donkey are among common contenders along the meat section in the grocery store, and after over a month of time here the seafood section would feel extrinsic if it were not strewn with shark heads.

With a new basketball season and MSB year in plain view, I am shrouded by a rush of creativity and piquancy. Although my kitchen is a bit smaller and I lack the counter space that I had last year, I don’t see this as any form of hindrance to the snacks that will be created in the not-so-distant future.

To kick off the year, I wanted to stay true to one of my favorite inventions, the sandwich of course. I’ve always wanted to make a sandwich and for the bread use grilled cheeses filled with bacon, such a better option; so that was my base. Now there is never anything wrong with a good cheeseburger, instead I wanted to change it up a little bit by putting a cordon bleu-style twist to the burgers, so stuffed eight of them (2 patties per) with thick-sliced mozzarella and prosciutto crudo (ham). My biggest fear with the burgers was that they would not cook all the way through because of how thick they were, so I covered the pan while cooking for a full heat experience for the patties, which ultimately proved successful. The french in this sandwich is was the lone piece of bread I had left over, I freestyled that thing and turned it into a piece of french toast with the help of 2 eggs, and put it in the middle of the sandwich for taste and aid in overall structural integrity (culinary engineering, indeed).

I was very happy with the outcome of this sandwich and hope to create different twists on it in the future.

I’d like to thank the Diener family, especially Drake for helping me out with the photo shoot of this sandwich.

Until next week kiddos!

Beast on, fellow snackers.

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