Classic Remix: “The Drive-By” Shooter’s Sandwich Gone Philly Style.

Slapping something between two pieces of bread… Genius? I think so.

The sandwich has been a food staple dating back to the beginning of the Common Era. Ever since Hillel the Elder put some lamb and bitter herbs between two pieces of matzah, the sandwich has become one of the most innovative and creativity-laden snacks of this day and age.

The Idea: “The Shooter’s Sandwich” A portable Beef Wellington so Edwardian era hunters wouldn’t go hungry during a day out in the field.

The Twist: I don’t really care for beef wellingtons at all so I added an american twist, what better than the Philly cheese steak? You cross a shooter and Philadelphia, what do you get? Obviously a Drive-By, hence the name.


2 steaks, no bones, and big enough to fit inside your bread interstitial.

Bell pepper (the one in my picture is GIANT, and I didn’t use all of it)



Cheese (I used Mozz. Only because I live in Italy on top of a cheese bodega)


I started out with a large, 1lb. loaf of bread, and sliced off the top.

Hooked out most of the bread inside and inside the top of the bread to make space for the steaky goodness, I also buttered the inside of the top bread cap.

I diced up the pepper, onion, and shrooms; and sauteed them in 3 Tbs of butter, pinched on some black pepper, salt, garlic

Next, I seared one of the steaks very quickly (about 1 minute each side) and stuffed it, directly from the pan, into the bread, juices and all.

I then took my now sauteed onion pepper and mushroom mix and poured that on top of the steak.

I added the second steak to the pan.

While this steak was searing, and because I have quick, Jedi-like dicing abilities, I diced the mozzarella and spread it over the veggies.

After the second steak was done, again that went directly from the pan to the sandwich with no resting.

I added the bread cap back on, wrapped it in a plastic lined paper bag, I suggest using wax or butchers paper for those who have it.

I wrapped that in a plastic bag, and pressed it with whatever I could find to make the sandwich flat.

This is the kicker: I then left for practice for about 3.5 hours (apparently you are supposed to leave it overnight but I don’t have that type of self control when it comes to food), the idea here is to let the sandwich self cook a little and let all those juices get absorbed by that bread. Don’t worry, the sandwich won’t go bad. The idea behind the original Shooter’s Sandwich was that the hunters could take the sandwich out and have it readily available to them at any point in the day without refrigeration.

After the sandwich has rested for a couple hours, take off the plastic, and cut directly through the butcher’s paper.

I took a video of me eating it, BUT due to my beastly eating habits, the content of the video would be considered illegal in a few states, so Ill leave it out.

Thank me later.

Beast on, fellow snackers.

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3 thoughts on “Classic Remix: “The Drive-By” Shooter’s Sandwich Gone Philly Style.

  1. dara says:

    well written good sir

  2. Billamack says:

    I now vote for this after exploring instead of McDeez

  3. Lou Insalaco says:

    Hi Dane,
    Went to dinner at Flatbread with your mother and father on Friday night and I would have rather had your Philly creation instead.
    Lou Insalaco

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