Craziness. This word describes my past week, and, I surmise, the next five.

During the regular season of the Italian Serie A championship, games are generally played on Sundays. Starting this week, and for the next five after this, we are playing in another “league” called Eurocup. Eurocup plays every Wednesday, which, as we all know is the Midnight Snack Beast day of the week. With this in mind, I am giving a fair warning that I will do my best to keep up with my snacks being posted, but I can’t guarantee it will be every Wednesday, it may be on a Thursday, so fear not.

Back to our regular scheduled program….

Breakfast: My favorite meal of the day. The most important meal of the day. So many options; So many possibilities. The tastes, soft and welcoming. Usually warm and subtle. This meal is your base of the day, your starting line. The breakfast you eat can potentially determine what kind of day you’ll have, how much you do, how you’ll feel, and how well you’ll do it. Breakfast is amazing to eat because there are so many different things you can do with breakfast foods. Eggs. Eggs are great because the possibilities are virtually endless. You guys will definitely be seeing eggs soon on MSB. With eggs comes bacon, sausage, and ham. All delicious and amazing breakfast meats, can be eaten alone, or accompanying each other. Can also be added to the eggs for a different twist. This is only the beginning…..

Today we focus on pancakes. Pancakes are a breakfast staple. Honestly can you think of anyone who doesn’t like pancakes?  Blueberry, banana, chocolate chip, maybe lemon ricotta; all all-stars of the breakfast world. Here in the MSB kitchen we like to make a few twists on recipes. Enter the Cinnamon Bun.

“You know what? I don’t really like cinnamon buns, they don’t really taste that great.”  Not exactly something that is mentioned a lot, I’d have to say. They are so good, the caramelized cinnamon that lies in the interstitial of the bun swirls. The white cream frosting that melts over the top, covering the sweet and buttery pastry. So, lets take a pancake and a cinnamon bun, and combine the two… oh and lets fry some bacon (pancetta) with some maple syrup and throw that into the batter as well, and see what happens.

The toughest part was getting the cream frosting right; it tasted amazing, but I couldn’t get the right, consistency. It’s viscosity level was much too high for proper cinnamon-bunnage; but we ended up making it work.

For the cinnamon part, I mixed butter, cane sugar and cinnamon in a pan and melted it.  While the pancake was cooking on one side, I applied it with a plastic bag with the corner cut off, and squeezed it through as you would frosting a cake.  It was pretty difficult getting a good “swirl” shape on the pancake, as the cinnamon mixture would kind of curl up as it came out of the bag, and while flipping the pancake the batter on the swirl side would slide off a little bit, but it all tasted the same.

The main kicker was the bacon inside the pancakes,The maple syrup flavor that was cooked into these pieces of bacon provided the perfect symphony of sweet and savory inside the fluffy, steaming hotcakes. A taste that words do not come near to describing.

I’d like to give a shoutout to my accomplice for this week’s snack: Marquette University Basketball hall of famer and former NBA point guard Travis Diener, who is somewhat of a breakfast food and bacon expert himself. (see video)

Beast on, fellow snackers.