My my my. March. What an interesting month it has most certainly been. Plenty of ups and a plethora of downs. My team’s success continues in the Italian first division, right along side my general hunger for late night tasty morsels of food. Hopefully we can bring the first A1 championship ever back to Sassari.  I really love it here; the city, the people, the culture.  This place is a dream, an extraterrestrial, a whole other world; more resistant to time than any other place I can fathom.  Sardinia may be part of Italy on paper, but if it weren’t indentured to the mainland by law, it would, without a doubt, be a different country of it’s own. Yet, my yearning for home comes over me like a strong wind and bears on me irresistibly. Although Sardinia is a most excellent place to reside in, my patriotism outweighs my contentment of being an interim Sardinian citizen.

April is here. You go outside: you smell it. Spring. It’s right there, you can taste it. I feel a little bad for spring because it is one of the most unappreciated seasons. Winter usually leans its elbows over the winter/spring buffer zone, taking up a couple weeks of spring’s time. By the time that is done, everyone is ready for summer anyways and spring just gets overlooked. When you get a chance next, no matter the temperature, take a step outside and pause; just smell the air, look up at the bright blue sky and give a little nod, letting spring know you appreciate the effort. I’m sure it’ll put in a good word to summer.

Notwithstanding the date or weather, we must snack on. The MSB kitchen is not affected by time nor temperature.

I have always wanted to do something that involved flaky pastry dough. Since beach season is starting to break the horizon, I didn’t want to do something that I’d regret eating after either, so I settled on something that did involve the pastry dough, but also spinach, not just something necessarily sweet. And what goes well with spinach? Bacon of course! Plus we are in Italy, so lets add some mozzarella to that as well. The Idea seems daunting, but it’s not. It takes less than an hour to do this entire thing and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients either. So before you get all flustered, relax and read the instructions.

Pretty simple here:

Fry up the bacon (panchetta)

Lightly saute the chopped spinach

While that’s going on, dice up the mozzarella (as well as you can)

When the spinach is CLOSE to being done, press out as much water as you can, let it cool a little, and lay it down on your round pastry dough roll.

Add the chopped mozzarella to that…

And the bacon on top of the mozzarella. This is really getting difficult, I know.

The toughest part might be rolling the entire thing up, I reccommend putting the dough on a sheet of floured wax or parchment paper before laying everything down on top of it. But when you want to roll, I suggest doing it not by pulling on the dough, but by lifting up the sheet and using that as a guide, tucking in all the ingredients as you lift the paper.

Once it’s fully rolled, cut it into roughly half inch rolls with a sharp knife, careful not to squish everything down and lose the swirl in the roll.

Place the rolls, cut side down on parchment paper, or aluminium foil (oil the foil first, so it won’t stick) and eventually on the baking sheet.

**the key here is to mix a raw egg with a tablespoon of water and brush that onto the sides of the rolls with it, this gives it the golden brown color and flavor that will be oh-so-important in the baking process.

Bake for 15 minutes at 400 degrees F

Let it cool for 10 minutes after baking.


If you have any suggestions or ideas for MSB please feel free to let me know! on Twitter and Instagram @DDNumeroUno, or leave a comment below!


Beast on, Fellow Snackers