Assume The Position: Classic All Fours Burger

The Burger, more reliable than your best friend since the 3rd grade.  In my opinion, one of the most wholesome snacks you can consume.

Just take a look at any food pyramid.

You have your bread.

You have your meat (and at MSB we ALWAYS have a lot of meat).

You have your vegetables.

You have your dairy.

You have your fats and oils.

You even, believe it or not, have your fruit (botanically, not legally). (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read a book… about tomatoes)

That’s EVERY section of the food pyramid.


Louie’s Lunch in New Haven, CT, is credited by the U.S. Library of Congress to be the first creator of the American hamburger.

I’m not sure how that piece of information ties in with what I’m saying but I figured I’d give them some credit, because if it weren’t for them, a large number of my midnight snacks would not have been created. Big up yourself, Louie.


A very close cousin, if not in the immediate famil-okay lets call it the son of the sandwich; the hamburger, as I remarked in the “Drive-By” post, is extremely receptive to improvisation and creativity.

Today, we are keeping it old school with your typical burger, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, and cheese (again I used mozzarella, sorry I live in Italy)

The only thing missing was my personal preference for the perfect burger, 1000 Island dressing. We can save that for another time.

There is no real idea behind this burger other than the fact that I was really hungry.

I also think its important to butter and grill the inside of the bun you are using, which I took the liberty of doing.

Consider this to be the foundation and standard of many more and definitely more beastly burgers to come in the not-so-distant future.

And, yes, it is true, I have created the recipe for the tastiest, juiciest burgers you’ve ever consumed in your snacking life; Invite yourself over my house during the summer sometime for a barbecue, I’m sure my mom won’t mind.

Beast on, fellow snackers.

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  1. JPaw says:

    Toss a fried egg on that and then you got something going.

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