After a long hibernation, midnight snack beast has returned!

Words cannot begin to describe how I feel about the two and a half month break the Snack Beast has taken, but since I have no other option than to type it out, words will have to suffice.

From Halloween to the six-week Eurocup regular season, to having visitors here in Sardinia for 4 weeks;  Time was not something in surplus.  I have had plenty of time to come up with ideas, meals, snacks, and delicious delicacies.

While the Snack Beast is still trying to figure out its TRUE identity of weather its about snack size, creativity, ease of creation, or straight anomalous. The general thought is that MSB will be leaning more toward creativity than shear size of whatever is being created. We’ll see how the rest of the MSB season plays out.

To kick of 2013 I’m going to give you not one, but two sandwiches. As I’ve said before, the sandwich, in my opinion, is one of the greatest culinary inventions ever.  The different things you can do when creating a sandwich are endless, slapping two pieces of bread around whatever you are in the mood for? Unreal. Such a good idea.

Today I present to you the tomato mozzarella balsamic bacon grilled cheese and the bulls-eye PB&B.

Pretty cut and dry here, on the grilled cheese, I toasted bread in the pan with olive oil; I also like to use mozzarella because when it gets warm, it doesnt really melt, it just becomes really “pully” and stretchy, while still keeping its consistency, which I really like. I fried up my own bacon, cut up some tomatoes. I think the crowning jewel of this sandwich is the balsamic glaze that I put over everything at the end. It has this robust sweetness that goes well with almost anything, that with the savory bacon and the sweet red tomatoes makes for a masterpiece, not to mention really easy to make.

Next, the bulls-eye PB&B or peanut butter and bacon. This sandwich was basically made by mistake. I started out wanting to just make a plain and simple peanut butter sandwich, which, more often than not I drizzle honey over for some added sweetness, but I had a good slab of bacon in my fridge so I decided to hand cut my own pieces of thick bacon, leaving the skin on. Leaving the skin means if you fry the bacon just right, you are left with this unbelievably crunchy piece of bacon, and I cut those pieces pretty thick, so it had some pretty serious crackle when I bit into the sandwich, which was fantastic. After the honey I decided to add an egg, for good measure of course (as if I wasn’t getting enough protein in this sandwich), giving it the bulls-eye part of it’s name.

Both sandwiches were delicious and I would definitely make again.

For now I’m considering doing the usual MSB posts every Wednesday, but maybe a few informal ones in between of just random things I eat throughout the week. Not sure if I’ll go through with it.

It remains to be seen.

Beast on, fellow snackers!