About MSB

My name is Dane. @DDNumeroUno

I am a professional basketball player living in Israel. I played in Italy for the last three years

I enjoy eating large amounts of food.

I stay up late. Constantly.

I am very large.

At times, I act like a beast.

I have a lot of time on my hands.

I like to cook and create things in my kitchen.

And on the seventh day, I said “MidnightSnackBeast.com”

2 thoughts on “About MSB

  1. J Pandiani says:

    Dane this is best thing you’ve ever done. Don’t stop! It’s 7:12 am here and I want a slice of the hunters sangy.

  2. dane, I’m a former professional gm in Italy (1st division, 2nd).
    After my resignation from montegranaro in november I opened this blog http://www.basketkitchen.com
    Basketball and food
    We have to do something together!

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