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Are you hungry?

So am I.

But I’m always hungry.

Are you lazy?

So am I. (at times)

You want meat.

So do I.

The only option here is beef jerky, just because. Readily available. Unbelievably difficult to stop eating. The only real problem? It’s kind of expensive. Well, why don’t you just make your own? Most people would surmise it’s difficult, neigh, impossible to make your own at home. I’m here to put a stop to all that neighsaying. It’s SUPER simple.

Excluding beef, some sauces, spices, and herbs, all you really need to make some excellent beef jerky, is a dehydrator and a plastic sealable bag.

Don’t have a dehydrator you say? Perfect, your oven will work too.


-A pound or so of thinly sliced beef, try to go for a leaner cut of beef,  round or something like that.

-Worcestershire sauce

-Soy sauce

-Liquid smoke (you can omit this if you don’t have to or are too lazy to get it, but it makes a fair difference if you have it)





-Garlic powder

-Onion powder

-Oregano and Basil (dried)



-Cut beef into 1/4 inch strips OR have your friendly meat market man do it for you at the store

-Place strips in a large sealable plastic bag, with enough room for the beef to wiggle around in.

-Add a couple splashes of the soy and Worcestershire, enough to coat all of the beef.

-Add 1-2 very small splashes of the liquid smoke. A little goes a very long way.

-Spoon the spices and herbs in, maybe a tablespoon each depending on how much beef is in the bag, enough to cover everything in there. (I ground up my spices in a pestle and mortar beforehand, but you don’t have to)

-Push all the air out of the bag and smoosh all the spices and flavor around the beef so everything is fully covered.

-Leave the bag in your fridge for at least a day, I do it for two.

-After marinating is completed. set your oven to about 190 F (88 C) and place your strips across rack, directly on the metal.

(If the strips are too small, throw a wooden skewer through a couple of them at a time so they don’t fall through the rack)

-Make sure the oven door is propped open at all times. Maybe a couple inches. So they nice little strippies can dry out.

-Dry beef for ~8 hours give or take. Be sure to start checking the beef around the 7 hour mark just to see how they are. Different ovens will give you different results. It could take 7 hours, it could take 10. I just spread the beef over 2 racks and set my dehydrator on medium for about 6-7 hours.

-ATTENTION! This beef jerky will not have preservatives in it like normal beef jerky does. Store it in a sealable bag in your fridge and try to eat it within a week. Although mine never survives the day.

Beast on, fellow snackers

Just before fridge entry for marination.

24 hours later

48 hours later

Three hours in



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