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In light of MSB granting passage to a lighter and more informal slew of posts this season, I give to you a Crazy Cobb salad. ¬†Yes, something not too often seen on MSB, but due to the fact that I won’t be exorcising much for the next long while, I need to switch up my diet from time to time.

I came home from practice, still hadn’t decided what to make for dinner. I realized I have a half of a pumpkin in my fridge. Gotta make pumpkin sauce. But what to put it on? I already ate too may carbs for lunch at the kibbutz, so lets put it on a salad. Then lets throw some eggs on top of it and call it a Cobb Salad

Super easy.

I honestly don’t even know what makes a Cobb salad a Cobb salad

Chop up whatever veggies you want in your salad. I used Arugula for my base. If you religiously ready this website, you’ll know why.

I made a warm creamy pumpkin dressing (protip: add honey) and caramelized an onion (protip: use balsamic vinegar). I also didn’t have time to hard boil three eggs, so I scrambled them in the wok. Worked just fine and almost gave a crumbly cheese feel to the salad. Really scrumptious indeed. The result gives us a salad description that would be something that belongs on an expensive restaurant’s lunch menu.

I need to find bacon out here. That would have completed the salad. It was a Most Excellent and fairly healthy dinner nonetheless.

Beast on, fellow Snackers