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As time insidiously drags its feet toward the end of the season here in Sassari, I find myself with exponentially increasing difficulty exhuming any volume of creativity that I know that I once possessed. Being on this island is definitely a great experience, and I”ve seen many extraordinary things and places. My team is also doing very very well. I really like Sassari, but after six and a half months of being here, I find myself in a kind of interstitial; Limbo if you will. It”s almost as though it”s gotten to the point where my apartment is covered in that pink slime from Ghostbusters 2.

But. The show must go on. I could sit here on my couch all day and digress, but that is not the point of MSB.

I did, however, manage to muster up a little bit of creativity for this week”s sandwich.

I really like arugula. It”s much healthier than many of it”s green leafy relatives, and it has this robustly distinct taste with it that I thoroughly enjoy. Although arugula, I feel, is too elegant- too… grandiloquent if you will. Just say it out loud… with one hand in the air as if you are a french art museum curator. Arugula. Like come on, get off your high horse. Seriously. And what better way to bring this tasty, chlorophyll packed morsel down from the top of the biennial caste system? Shovel a heap of taco meat on top of it of course.

Pretty straight forward here:

A package of ground beef, browned in the pan.

While that”s happening, I hooked out some of the bread from inside the buns, to accommodate the need for space in each sandwich.

Chopped some tomatoes, and added them with handfuls of arugula.. (*shudders) on the buns.

After the beef is browned, pour out as much of the rendered fat as you can

** A key thing to do here, is to add a handful of chopped onions to the meat and mix, it really helps give it a great flavor.

** Another key, add some tomato sauce to the meat now for more added flavor.

Sprinkle special shopping list of spices over that.

Add about a cup of water.

Mix well till you have a nicely homogeneous (for the most part) spread of taco meat in the pan.

The rest is pretty straight forward..

Apply the meat to the sandwiches, add whatever cheese tickles your fancy, grab your favorite sauce (if needed) *Note. I finally got to use some Taco Bell Mild Sauce packets that I imported from the United States myself some time ago. It was most excellent.

Enjoy… or in my case, enjoy four.

Oh and I forgot to mention my small side dish. Potato wedges.

Wedge up a few potatoes.

Put the wedges in a plastic bag.

Splash some olive oil over them.

Apply your favorite spices, namely paprika.

**The key here is to shred some Parmesan cheese over the wedges liberally.

Shake the bag, vigorously. Until all the taters are covered.

Bake in the oven on a baking sheet at roughly 375F for 55 minutes.

Try your hardest to finish everything in one sitting without getting a stomach ache.

Man, I really forgot how much I enjoy putting stuff up on this website. I need to get back into this.

Until next time.

Beast on, fellow snackers.