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Creamy Bacon Onion Tomato Toast

So I had some extra pancetta (bacon) in my fridge, and I decided to fry it up with some onions and spices, and put that over some tomatoes toast, then drizzle some creamy Italian dressing over that… not too bad at all kiddies.

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Pass Me a Napkin: The Biggest Goober You’ve Ever Seen.

I’m going to take the liberty to kick this Snack off with a little piece of this website’s mission statement.

The idea behind MSB is two-fold. First: to put on display an array of interest-sparking Midnight Snacks; and second: to inspire you guys to create beastly and delicious Midnight Snacks as well.

Now, my modus operandi isn’t always going to be something that you would necessarily want to eat. I have been accused of having no taste buds, or a care of what I am consuming, or a general disregard of my better-food conscience (sorry for being a Beast).

That being said, while still on my hamburger kick, I decided to keep the ball rolling.

I have always wanted to own and operate my own burger shack; adding creative twists and using special signature trademarks to separate my establishment from all other burger places.

Right now, It’s quite obvious that my career is not headed down that thoroughfare.

For now, let’s just keep it to Beasting after Midnight.

The Idea: I’ve heard whispers.  Whispers not too dissimilar from that of stories about Sasquatch; about a burger.  A burger so crazy, so packed with protein, so messy that it looks like a crime scene of a mass murder after you’re done with it. A burger called the Goober. With a name like that, I knew I could not pass up on such a great opportunity to consume, neigh, experience such an edible with ramifications that could only be imagined by Hollywood horror movie producers. The Goober Burger is a burger with an egg and peanut butter on it.  Sounds gross? Try it before you knock it, hater.

The Twist: Just a burger? No. Too simple. Too Hungry. Sorry, kids. Lets amp it up a bit. Make it fit for a Beast. Let’s also scratch your run-of-the-mill buns, too light, those are used for feeding the birds at the park on Sunday.

Grab your napkins, pull up your chair, tie on your bibs, you little whippersnappers. It’s time to get Gooberized.


Two giant pancakes. One pancake is an entire batch size of the recipe on any boxed pancake mix.

Pancake mix: In order to make one pancake serving you’ll need…

– One egg x2

-One cup of pancake mix x2

-One Tbsp of oil x2

-3/4 cup of milk x2

NOTICE: You will be making these batches SEPARATE, DO NOT combine them.

Four burgers

Four MORE eggs

Roughly 16 pieces of bacon, I like to go 4 pieces of bacon per burger, but you can do what your little Beast heart desires.

Peanut butter


Everything here is fairly undissembling, so fear not.

Mix the pancake mixes in separate bowls.

Hopefully you’ll have a big enough pan or griddle to create these behemoths.

The secret to perfect pancakes is medium heat, and wait til the outside ring of the pancake isn’t shiny anymore to flip it.

Once the pancakes are done, cook those beautiful burgers, I seasoned mine a little, but I didn’t go all out because there is just so much flavor going into this Snack.

Place the finished burgers on one of the pancakes

Fry those eggs, over-easy or over-hard, however you like it. then add an egg on top of each burger.

Fry the bacon and add them on top of the eggs.

A dollop of peanut butter will do. I used crunchy because it is more Beastly.

That’s about it, kiddos.

I didn’t have a plate big enough to hold this massive monster, so I turned a baking pan upside-down to use in the plate’s stead.

The more people you have, the more burgers you can make and stack those up for some serious Beast action.

I also used ketchup and syrup as condiments on separate pieces after I finished the first two.

I don’t expect one person to finish an entire one of these in a sitting as I did, veritably I’m quite sure it could feed a small family or sorority house (who don’t care too much for their health)

Until next time.

Beast on, fellow Snackers.


Warning: The pictures below may LOOK gross, but take it from me, it was unbelievable to eat.

Side note: 50 points to anyone who can guess what movie I was watching while I was eating the Goober.

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