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Steak Sangie

Tonight I wanted to do something special, having a surplus of assorted meats (chicken, prosciutto, steaks) and a lack for wanting to do dishes, I decided a sandwich would be best.


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Baked Hasselback Potato

Tonight I was still hungry after my dinner so I decided to take one of my potatoes and and bake it. But with a twist.
In Stockholm, Sweden there is a restaurant called The Hasselbacken, which was the first served these baked potatoes cut in this style.

I sprinkled it with garlic and salt, rubbed it with olive oil, and filled each slice with Italian herbs to help the potato “fan-out” for better baking. 425 degrees in the oven for about 50 minutes.
Optional – after the 50 minutes sprinkle some cheese on and put it back in for about 10 minutes.







Just a few dishes

What you see here are a few of the large number of dishes I have created since my arrival here in Italy.